Each website that we design for you will have the following pages included in the standard price. Additional pages including more content and video tutorials can be added for additional fees and our done on a case by case situation.

Standard Features:

Privacy Policy

A must for all websites! This page will tell your customers about your privacy policy and that you won’t spam or sell their personal information. This will make your customers a lot more comfortable.

Contact Us

This page will consist of a contact form that will include a captcha box to prevent spam. In addition we can list your support phone number and support email address. The contact form will automatically be forwarded to the email address that you desire. In most cases it will be a custom one similar to support@yourdomain.com.

Member Log In

This page is dedicated to your customers after they subscribe to your services. On this page your members will be able to log directly into their accounts so that they can add new customers and new keywords.


The heart of your website! On this page will talk about the plans you offer and the prices for the plans. You must provide us with the details of this so that we can incorporate it into your website. If you provide us with your merchant account link prior to design of website we will incorporate that also. If not, we will still implement the “Buy Now” boxes and instruct you how to link your merchant account.


This page will list all the features that you are offering your customer such as the number of subscribers your customers will have, number of incoming/outgoing messages your customers will have, and any free features you offer.

Terms and Conditions

Any website selling text messaging should have their terms and conditions posted on their website. We will set this page up for you however it is your responsibility to provide us with your terms and conditions to post on it.

Premium Features:

As we mentioned above, premium pages and content can easily be added to your website.  With our expertise and your desire to create the perfect website, we are sure to come up with some great premium features. Here are the main two premium features that we deal with.

Content Pages

We will write content for your website dealing directly with your services. This articles can be informative tutorials, how to pages, and general information about your services 

Video Pages

We will insert videos into your website and make it very easy for your clients to view. These videos are great tutorials and provide step by step instructions for many topics related to text messaging marketing and your clients administration page. 

Image Slider

We are able to incorporate your images into a slider to highlight some of your services and features.